A Message from the Principal regarding a safety situation

This morning our school administration became aware of a potential threat circulating on Social Media.  This threat was made by one of our students and directed at another school.   Once becoming aware of the threat we immediately had our students SHELTER IN PLACE while we investigated the situation and consulted with law enforcement. 
Law Enforcement had been aware of the situation and made an investigation and intervention late Wed. night.  Law enforcement determined that their was no credible threat to our school or any other school by this student.  The student who made the threat is currently under medical supervision and is not in school.
Students resumed their normal class day once law enforcement informed us their was no danger.  
Again the St. Francis campus is safe as this threat was directed at another high school.  We will continue to monitor the situation with Law Enforcement and communicate any relevant and important information should any arise.
We thank students and parents who communicated with us and helped us navigate this situation this morning.  
Thomas Braunscheidel - Principal
St. Francis High School
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