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College Admissions Counselors can schedule an appointment with St. Francis High School by clicking on the link below and searching for St. Francis High School in Hamburg, NY.
The philosophy of the Guidance Services office at St. Francis High School Guidance has its roots in the Franciscan tradition. Our commitment is to educate the whole person by providing an environment where students achieve their highest potential through intellectual, social, and personal development in an atmosphere guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and fostered through peace and goodness. We encourage students to grow in awareness of their potential and to become lifelong learners with the capacity to be successful in a rapidly changing world. As a department, we seek to empower students to examine their possibilities during the high school years and to set personal and academic goals that will lead to success. Our vision is to enhance the lives of our students by assisting in the realistic and mature decisions they will make about academic, college, and career goals.
To learn more about our Comprehensive Guidance Plan for Students, please refer to the materials included in your Viewbook or give our office a call.

St. Francis High School CEEB Code: 330230
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