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  • May 2022

    Br. Michael Duffy, OFM Conv.
    May 1st, 2022
    The phrase goes: How time flies. Yes, it does!

    Dear Parents and Friends of St Francis High School,
    I have come full circle.  My first official meeting was Incoming Freshman and Parents, Class of 2025 and last week I spoke with the Incoming Freshman and Parents, Class of 2026!
    Just yesterday we had practice with the seniors for Baccalaureate . . . we reviewed details for Commencement practice on May 16th – Tuxedo pick-up and return and at 11:00am we clapped the senior class off the quad after Fr Michael Sajda imparted the Franciscan Blessing.
    In my March words I said, the times they are a changin’  Little did I know how quickly the times change: Seniors are gone, the halls are less crowded, one lunch is skeletal and the faces I have come to see in the hall are no longer passing by my office door.
    For the Senior Parents – we asked you to entrust your “boys” to us at that Incoming Freshman Meeting … and in no time, we send off St Francis Men.
       Br Michael
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