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List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Do I have to be Catholic to attend St. Francis High School?

    While the majority of St. Francis students are Catholic, there are a number of students that are not Catholic. All students are required to take and pass Religion class each year as a graduation requirement. Students are not required to practice religion as part of attendance at St. Francis. They are required to learn about the foundations and practices of Catholicism, Sacred Scripture, Sacraments, and Christian Morality.
  • Q. Can I earn a scholarship to attend St. Francis?

    Students can qualify for scholarships based upon the results of the entrance exam, their elementary school records, and a scholarship application. Each year St. Francis awards numerous scholarships to talented, hard working students. The top scholarship is valued in excess of $8000.
  • Q. Is there financial aid to help with tuition?

    St. Francis High School has a financial aid program including tuition grants and work-study assistance. Families must apply each year and those that qualify can receive significant help towards meeting their tuition costs.
  • Q. If my son has special learning needs can he attend St. Francis ?

    St. Francis High School evaluates each student individually for admission. We will attempt to meet the needs of students with special needs or learning disabilities to the extent that the accommodations can be made in the context of a traditional classroom setting. Our school does not have a special education program, and all students who enroll must be capable of completing all graduation requirements. Students with special needs or learning disabilities should consult with the Admissions Office and the Guidance Office for direction in the application process.
  • Q. Can my son receive a sports scholarship?

    St. Francis High School does not award athletic scholarships of any kind.
  • Q. If my son is not a high level student, can he succeed and benefit from a St. Francis High School education?

    The success of a student at St. Francis High School is directly related to the effort he puts into his studies. The structure and discipline provided at our school often help students learn the skills necessary for success. Each applicant is evaluated individually to determine whether he will be successful in a college preparatory curriculum at our school.
  • Q. Why would an all-male school be good for my son?

    St. Francis provides:

    A stimulating and safe learning environment that
    • encourages full participation by young men in all activities (arts, athletics, community service).
    • promotes self-expression and a respect for the many different paths to adulthood.
    • provides an atmosphere in which to explore sensitive gender and sex-related issues.
    Educational programs tailored to meet the developmental needs of boys where
    • boys can gain confidence in their ability to learn without being compared to girls who mature more quickly and tend to enjoy more success in school.
    • books and curricular materials that are more geared to young men can be integrated into all aspects of the school’s program.
    • young men have opportunities to be taught and coached by faculty (including a significant number of males) who have been hired because they want to work with our students.
    • our young men can grow at their own pace and can “be boys” for as long as they need, protected from society’s pressure to get involved with girls before they are ready.
    An environment free of cross-gender distractions in which
    • young men need not waste energy posturing or trying to live up to the gender stereotypes so prevalent in the media and society at large.
    • focus on academic tasks and achievement in extra-curricular activities can be paramount.
    • frank and direct communication foster development and growth.
    A setting in which boys develop strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie with peers and teachers so that
    • the impact of positive male role models can have its fullest effect.
    • a distinctive community enriches the lives of our students.
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