• How to apply to St. Francis High School- Class of 2024


The application process can be intimidating, but we are here to help guide you through! Lets start by laying out some initial steps to get the ball rolling. 
Step 1: Apply Click Here  for the WNY Catholic High School Application. 

Step 2 : Academic Records You will receive a confirmation email upon completing the application.  This will prompt you to print the application and sign it at the bottom. This acts as the consent to release your son's academic records.   Please turn this in to his Current school, and request that 6th,7th, and most recent 8th grade records be sent to St. Francis High School. (Be sure to include report cards, testing scores, attendance records and any IEP/504 information if that applies) All students are reviewed for acceptance prior to addressing scholarships and financial aid.
Step 3 : Scholarship Application - To apply for a scholarship you will need to go to the St. Francis website under Tuition Assistance & Scholarship section Click Here .  Here you will find TWO documents that need to be filled out for a scholarship application.  The first is the application itself which is to be typed and completed BY THE STUDENT.  You will notice that there is an essay section for the student to fill out.  This form can be emailed to admissions@stfrancishigh.org under the subject Scholarship application "Students Name". The second form is the educator recommendation form for a teacher, administrator, or counselor to submit on the behalf of the applying student.  This form can be emailed to admissions@stfrancishigh.org under the subject Educator Recommendation "Students Name".
Step 4 : Tuition Assistance -  For incoming freshman only - To apply for Tuition Assistance please Click Here .  You will be prompted to create a user name and password.  Once signed in make sure that you choose Saint Francis is the school you are applying to for tuition assistance.  Also, please be sure to have all required financial documentation on hand (preferably electronic) to attach to this application.
 We look forward to working with you during the admissions process.  

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  • Youth Basketball Night

    Youth Basketball Night at St. Francis High School
     Tuesday, January 28, 2020
    • Players (10+ years of age), Parents and Coaches are welcome!
    • Learn more about St. Francis High School and its basketball program
    • See the St. Francis High School Red Raider Varsity Basketball team in action
    • Pizza dinner provided as well as a St. Francis Basketball T-Shirt
    • FREE OF CHARGE!!! 

      Schedule of Events
    • 5:45 PM Check In
    • 6:00 PM Meet and Greet with team and coaches/Information Session
    • 6:30 PM Pizza Dinner
    • 7:00 PM St. Francis High School Varsity Basketball vs Nichols
      If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail our Admissions Office at admissions@stfrancishigh.org, or call at (716) 627-1200 ext. 582 or Coach Ferris at Ferrisb@stfrancishigh.org.
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