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    • Belonging, Dignity and Inclusion

St. Francis High School Statement on Belonging and Dignity

At St. Francis High School, we believe that the differences among our faculty, staff, and students make us stronger, enrich our lives, promote collaboration, and bring innovation and creativity to our school community. Our mission to support our students increasingly requires that we access perspectives and voices from people of various backgrounds and experiences. We are committed to the process of cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging where all people know that their voices and perspectives are honored and make a difference. We know that every human being is created with dignity in the image of God, and therefore, is invaluable and worthy of respect as a member of our St. Francis family. Every person is worthy of respect.

To achieve our goal of making all students feel that they belong, we must not simply be welcoming of difference. We must intentionally cultivate a sense of belonging among our staff, so that inclusion is an authentic expectation, fostering equity at all levels. We consider this to be a continuing process and not a simple solution. Through this process we will continually evaluate our learning, growth, and objective to ensure that all of our students feel a sense of belonging and dignity.  If successful our students will be able productively and effectively engage across social differences and leverage them to enrich our community and culture at St. Francis and in their lives beyond high school.
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