On Campus Residence

Our Mission

Building on the mission of St. Francis High School, the St. Anthony Residence Program provides a living environment for young men to experience a Catholic, Franciscan, college preparatory education guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The residence program provides structure, support, discipline and guidance consistent with the Franciscan values of simplicity, humility, charity, service and brotherhood. Residents embrace membership in the human family through a deepened appreciation of community and the uniqueness of its members, so that they may be ambassadors of peace and goodness in the world.
We are proud to offer your son a top-notch college preparatory education and a residency program that will round out his educational experience in a safe, structured, and enjoyable living environment. Be assured that, at St. Francis High School, your son will receive the structure and support that he needs to be successful in his studies and in everyday life. He will also have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. This combination of rigorous academics, sports, and the fine arts are the hallmarks of a Franciscan holistic education, to educate the whole person: in mind, body, and spirit.
Students seeking admission to St. Francis High School and the St. Anthony Residency, are asked to please complete the Resident Student Admission Application form below.

*International Students: please contact our Admissions Office in advance for specific application instructions.

Phone +1.716.627.1200
Email admissions@stfrancishigh.org
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Home Away from Home

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  • Living Environment

    Residents of the St. Anthony Residence Program will live in a wing of Justin Hall located on the third floor, devoted entirely to the Residence, which will accommodate 26 students, each student sharing a room with another student. Each room is furnished with bunkbeds. Each student will have hisown desk, dresser, and wardrobe.

    High speed internet access is also provided in all rooms. Student washrooms include generous space and private shower stalls. A common recreation area allows students to gather for community events providing opportunities for socialization and camaraderie.

    In addition, resident students will have access to other amenities on campus, such as the computer lab, gymnasium, fitness center, and library.
  • Computers & Internet Access

    Filtered and monitored high speed internet access is available in the Residence as is access to a fully equipped computer lab. Students living in the Residence have access to the school’s Fitness Center, gymnasium, and library seven days a week.
  • Meals & Food Service

    Residents will eat together in the Student Dining Room and have access to a Residence kitchen for between meal and evening snacks. Students are provided three meals per day in the Student Dining Room prepared by Personal Touch Food Service. Parents may provide extra funds via an online account for students to purchase extra food items and snacks.Parents are able to monitor online how their sons are spending their extra food funds.
  • Supervision

    Members of the St. Anthony Residence Program Staff are professional educators trained in meeting the academic and social needs of each student. Staff members are thoroughly vetted and background checked before being selected to work with students. Each staff member has First Aid certification. Staff members are directly supervised by School Administration who remain on call 24 hours a day toaddress any urgent issues.
  • Health/Illness

    The school nurse provides health screening for all residents and monitors the status of any student who may become ill. Resident students may see a local pediatrician or dentist who cares for resident students if they are notable to see their personal physician.
  • Off Campus Activities

    Available off campus activities include excursions planned by Residence Staff as well as activities offered as part of the school’s extracurricular program including: Ski Club, school trips toNew York City and athletic events among many other opportunities.

    Resident students may also engage in off campus social events with non-resident students if their parents have signed permission slips for such activities.
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