Red Raider Raffle 2023-2024 School Year
Raffle Dates
  • Thursday, May 18th - Two Books of Red Raider Raffle Tickets will be handed out to students in homeroom 
  • Thursday, September 28th - Last day to turn in tickets to IA Office
  • Wednesday, October 4th - Red Raider Raffle Drawing 
Incentives and Goals

  1. All students are required to sell one (1) book containing 25 tickets. The student keeps $20 from each book sold and turns in $230 to the IA Office. Those who do not sell the tickets will be charged a $300 fundraising fee that will be added to the 2nd-semester tuition.

  1. 3+ booksellers- Any student who turns in at least three books of tickets by September 28, 2023, will receive a $100 bonus check for the first three (3) books sold and receive an additional $100 for every additional book sold. For example, a student who sells 4 books of tickets will receive $200 in bonus checks. The check will be issued from the Business Office and given to students in homeroom.

  2. For the House that sells the most books, 100 Points will be awarded. The House that sells the second-highest number of books will receive 75 Points. The remaining two Houses will receive 50 Points.

  3. A pizza party will be awarded for the House that sells the most books.
  1. Students who sell two (2) books by September 28th will receive a once-per-month full dress-down day on the first Friday of each month starting November through April.

  2. Any student who sells one complete book of tickets will have their name put into a drawing for tickets to a Buffalo Bills Home Game. A student will get one chance for every book that they sell.
School Goals

  • $120,000 - One School Holiday
  • $130,000 - Two School Holidays
  • $150,000 - Three School Holidays
The top 2 Sellers in the School will receive the top prizes.

  • $400 Top Student Seller + 20 house points
  • $200 Second Place Student + 10 house points
  • (To Qualify for the top prizes, a seller must sell a minimum of 4 books.)
Monetary returns can be made in cash, check, or a combination of cash and check. Please have checks made out to St. Francis High School.
Questions? Contact Kate Taggart at 716-627-1200 or email
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