Remote learning begins November 19th as Governor declares Orange Zone

Per New York State direction, we will be moving to Remote Instruction as of Thursday, November 19th. The Administration, Faculty and Staff at St. Francis High School continue to be committed to in-person instruction for as long as it is allowed by state and local officials.
We are truly concerned by the spread of the COVID virus in our community and want to do our part in keeping our students and staff safe, helping our community weather this storm.   Any cases of COVID that we have experienced amongst our student body have originated from outside our school and did not spread amongst the student body.  Our safety protocols are strong and we firmly believe that in person instruction is fundamental to who we are as a Franciscan school and is what is in the best interest of the study body.  When allowed we will return to in person instruction.


As you have likely heard our community has now been designated an "Orange Zone" by New York State due to its high level of COVID -19 infections.  The Orange Zone requires that we move to fully Remote Instruction.  Given the rate of infection, it is likely that we will be in Remote Instruction status for some time.  This may potentially last until after the holiday season is over.  Should our community move back into a Yellow Zone and we are permitted to reopen with testing we are prepared to do just that.   


After completing two weeks of Remote Instruction with our students, the St. Francis High School Academic Council gathered to debrief on the experience and how it might be improved.  We were concerned with evaluating how our students engaged with online instruction, the students emotional and psychological health as well as the rigor of our offerings.   Based upon feedback from teachers, students and parents the conclusion was that the current structure, consistency, and live interactions were a significant improvement from the Spring.   Despite its success, we believe that we can improve our Remote Instruction even more.  The teachers wanted more regularly scheduled time with each class.  To that end we have adjusted our Remote Schedule to include live instruction in all CORE subject areas Monday thru Thursday, and Friday will be reserved for 1/2 unit courses, Mentoring groups and online office hours for students to seek extra help.  We have also built in "Screen Breaks" at the end of each class to provide students the opportunity to get away from the computer and to transition to the next class.  With this revised schedule students will be provided with more daily content and structure but also have regular breaks and free periods.  Every student will have approximately 45 minutes for lunch, as well as another 41 minute break along with regular "Screen Breaks"  

Teachers should have reviewed details of this revised schedule with your son, and your son received an email detailing these enhancements to his schedule.  


Athletics and Extra-curricular Activities will not take place while in Orange Zone status.  Club moderators who are able to hold online meetings and activities may choose to do so.  



School Offices will be open from 8AM - 2 PM daily.   Please consult the online school calendar to check when staff will be present, as around the holidays staff are provided additional time off. 

Pax et Bonum,

Thomas Braunscheidel - Principal

St. Francis High School
Success Begins at St. Francis