January/February 2021

Thank you and Happy New Year: I would like to thank everyone who sent Christmas greetings and goodies to the school and friary; they were appreciated by all.  As we begin the New Year, we pray for continued peace in our land and the protection of all in a safe environment.  May God continue to share with you and your family His many blessings.
Fundraiser reminder:  Keep in mind that the Daily Draw Program is one of the major fundraisers of the school.  For more information on Daily Draw, call Mrs. Pat Kaczmarczyk in Institutional Advancement, extension 423.  We need your help and participation to strengthen our commitment to provide financial assistance to students whose families cannot afford the entire cost of tuition. As a Franciscan school, we are committed to provide a reasonable tuition.   Please give if you are able.
Justinian XXXIX – We believe in… St. Francis Gentlemen – Presently we are working on a virtual auction on Saturday, May 8, 2021.   However, as with everything else in dealing with the continued pandemic, we are making plans but they may change.  Please be patient as we move forward regarding the details of Justinian XXXIX on May 8th.
Annual Giving Appeal- I want to thank the many parents who have sent in donations to the Annual Giving Appeal.  Your support of this appeal is greatly appreciated and is another way we overcome the difference between the actual cost of educating your son and the cost of tuition.     Thank you to the many people who support the ministry of educating the men of St. Francis.
United Way and National Fuel: A reminder to those who may have directed their United Way or National Fuel charitable contributions to St. Francis High School that the school does not become aware of those donations until later in the year. Once we are notified by United Way and/or National Fuel, we send out acknowledgment letters to you.  If you need information about how to direct a United Way or National Fuel gift to St. Francis High School, please contact Kate Taggart in our office at 627-1200, ext. 462. 
Lent-The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17th, and it is important for us all to remember that St. Francis exists as an extension of our faith.  We cannot lose sight of the fundamental reason why we exist, and we must do the things necessary for our faith to endure.  We acknowledge the importance of education in our lives; do we also recognize the importance of our faith?  The season of Lent provides us the opportunity to reflect on our lives, and if necessary, to change.  May I suggest we use this penitential season to grow in our understanding of faith and choose to do something positive to strengthen our relationship with God.
Success Begins at St. Francis