March/April 2021

Lent:  The season of Lent has begun with the celebration of Ash Wednesday, and it is important for us all to remember that St. Francis exists because of our faith.  We cannot lose sight of the reasons why we exist, and we must do the things necessary for our faith to endure.  We acknowledge the importance of education in our lives; do we also recognize the importance of our faith?  The season of Lent provides us the opportunity to reflect on our lives, and if necessary, to change.  May I suggest we use this penitential season to reflect on our faith commitment and choose to do something positive to strengthen our relationship with God.
Catholic Charities:  We pride ourselves as a Franciscan school, which provides a holistic education, in forming the spirit as well as the intellect.  We want to foster life long learning and an understanding of the Franciscan values of life.  Over the years, St. Francis High School has always been a leader in the Catholic Charities Drive.   As president of this institution, I am so very proud of the continued generosity of our young men.  They receive nothing for doing this except the knowledge that they have helped out someone who is less fortunate than themselves.    The collections are completely voluntary and will take place during this season of Lent.  We ask our young men to donate the money they would spend on pop, snacks, candy bars or playing a game in the Campus Store to the collection for Catholic Charities. Please help the Alverna peer ministry group in their efforts to support this appeal. 
Justinian XXXIX:  Recently we announced the co-chairs for this year’s Dinner-Auction.  Thank you to Thomas ’96 & Kara Bestpitch, Matthew ’85 & Kelly Jaworski and David & Laurie Syta who will be this year’s co-chairs of Justinian 39.  Things will be different but we are moving forward with a virtual auction that will take place from May 4th-9th
Invitations, announcements and all things concerning Justinian 39 will be available in the very near future on all our social media sites as well as our school website.  Please support the Justinian Dinner-Auction, we need your help more than ever.
Annual Giving Appeal: There is still time if you would like to make a donation to the Annual Giving Appeal.  Your support of this annual appeal is greatly appreciated and is another way we overcome the difference between the cost of educating your son and the actual cost of tuition.     We are able to make up the difference with our four fundraisers: Red Raider Raffle, Daily Draw, Justinian and the Annual Giving Appeal.  Thank you to the many people who support the ministry of educating the men of St. Francis.
Happy Easter: Since this newsletter covers the months of March/April. We are also preparing for Easter and spring break.  Let us all rejoice in what our faith provides.  The disciples find the tomb is empty and begin to understand the significance of Christ’s mission in their own life. Like so many others throughout the ages, people around the whole world will be received with great joy into the Church during the Easter Vigil. Some will be baptized into the faith, and many will be received into full communion. All of us have a story to tell about our own conversion. Our religion is a faith of constant conversion, a daily turning towards our risen Lord, growing ever closer to Him who has redeemed us. Each Sunday is a little Easter when we can renew our baptismal commitment in the very presence of the risen, living Lord.  Let us all sing an “Alleluia” and be joyful for we are all called to be His followers. May God bless all during this holy season.
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