November/December 2021

Fr. Michael Sajda
All Saints and All Souls days are celebrated by Catholics in the month of November when we remember the deceased members of our family and community in a special way.  At this time of the year, it is customary for the friars to offer prayers for all of our deceased alumni, students, parents, relatives, and friends.  We unite ourselves in prayer to those who have passed before us. Anyone who would still like their loved ones remembered can simply send or email the All Souls Remembrance Card which can be found on our website.  All Remembrance Cards will be placed on the altar in the school chapel during November and remembered at the 7:20 a.m. daily Mass.  You are welcome to join us.
Red Raider Raffle:    Thank you to all who made this raffle a successful fund raising event.  We reached all three of our goals, and as promised, we will celebrate our tradition of success with a school holiday on Wednesday, November 24th and the other dates later in the school year.  Again, thank you to all who actively participated in this event.
Justinian XL– Our 40th anniversary - Save the date, May 7, 2022.  Presently, we are continuing to discuss how the auction may run this year, but we are planning to hold this as an in person event. However, this all depends on the course taken by COVID.   Justinian is a dinner auction held annually here at St. Francis.  Justinian is our main fund raising event, and we rely on your generosity for its success. This event is supported through various gift gathering parties held throughout the school year by many different organizations within the school.  Despite some of the restrictions placed on schools in general, we have been able to have many of the gift gathering parties. The gift gathering parties are a wonderful way for parents to meet other parents and help support St. Francis.   Please check the website for developing information on Justinian.  
Our co-chairs for the celebration of our 40th anniversary Justinian will be:   Mike ’85 and Michele Allen, Jane Harrington, Ed and Lisa Karalus.  Plan on attending and join in the fun.
Annual Giving Appeal – A Tradition of Success:  In the very near future you will receive our Annual Giving Appeal mailing.  Funds raised through this appeal are directed towards financial assistance and a few other projects that directly benefit the young men of St. Francis. This appeal is directed primarily towards our alumni who are the largest group of contributors, but anyone may participate, and your gift is most appreciated. 
Year End Charitable Donations:  For those considering charitable donations or looking for a tax deduction before December 31st, please remember St. Francis High School.  We are a 501c(3) not-for-profit school and qualify as a charity. Thank you.
Finally, I would like to extend special salutations to your family and friends as you gather to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Yes, we are planning to celebrate Greccio (Franciscan Nativity) and hold the Christmas concerts here at school.  Join us as your preparation for Christmas.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas be assured you and your family will be remembered by the friars as celebrate our Eucharistic Liturgies on these holidays.
May God continue to bless you and all in our St. Francis family.
Success Begins at St. Francis