Principal's Office

Principal - Mr. Thomas Braunscheidel
Bachelor Degree – State University of NY Fredonia
Master of Education – State University of NY at Buffalo
Career at St. Francis
Guidance Counselor 1993 – 2000
Assistant Principal 2000– 2006
Principal 2006 to present

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  • Principal's Message November-December 2018

    Sometimes we expect others to be mind readers.  We expect those in our lives to know what we want or need.  We expect them to know how we feel when something happens.  And when people don't read our minds we can become very frustrated, become angry and engage in conflict.  With discipline policies, we ask teachers to remind their students what they expect of them.  I think this is great advice for parents as well.   Without lecturing, sit down and talk to your son about what you expect of him and why.  I would recommend that the talk be more than just a list of "don'ts."  Tell him what kind of person you hope he will become.  Tell him why you think those qualities are important.  Give him examples of behaviors that are consistent and inconsistent with that type of person.
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