Bishop Ryan High School

Due to the continued restrictions(masks, distancing, temperature checks, size) of the Covid-19 pandemic at this time we have no plans to hold our annual reunion picnic at this time(2021). If circumstances change I will be the first to advise you. In the mean time I will try to compose a newsletter.

Photos from the 2019 Memorial Mass

Please remember in your prayers these Ryan alumni who have passed since January 1, 2021 :
Solecki, Richard  '65  5/1/2021
Kostelny, Paul  '53  1/25/21 
Markiewicz, Robert  ’65   4/9/2021
Sieroslawski, Walter  ’52   3/17/2021
Luczak, Paul  ’54   3/14/2021
LaBella, David  ’71  3/8/2021
Opatkiewicz, Eugene  ’62   3/2/2021  
Ulicki, Jimmy  ’60   3/1/2021
Gajewski, Stanley  ’55   2/27/2021
Deryngowski, Eugene  ’49  1/21/2021
William Brudz  '65   12/7/2020 

Ram-O-Gram coming your way soon!



Paul Andruczyk '58 Director-Bishop Ryan Alumni Association

For information on any events please contact Paul Andruczyk at 662-3459 or click here to email
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