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The Dean of Students at SFHS is responsible for providing a safe environment for all the school's students through the enforcement of policies and procedures found in the SFHS Student Handbook. All students are expected to be aware of these policies and will be held accountable to them. It is through the following of these policies that a Catholic/Christian environment of academic excellence is achieved at SFHS.
Any underclassman who sold a minimum of two (2) books of Red Raider Raffle tickets will be allowed to wear a SFHS polo and/or quarter zip for the remainder of the 2020/21 school year.
Any senior who sold a minimum of two (2) books of Red Raider Raffle tickets will be allowed to dress down every Friday for the remainder of the 2020/21 school year. Seniors may continue to wear their polo’s as a senior privilege. If you wear the 2021 official class jacket, WSTF or Senior Schola crew sweatshirts you must have a polo, or dress shirt, tie and belt underneath.

All other students are expected to be in full dress code including dress shirt, tie, belt and SFHS school sweater, sweater vest or sport coat.

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Important Policy Reminders

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  • Cell Phone and Personal Electronic Computing Device Policies

    • Personal Devices are to never become a distraction in the learning process.
    • Each teacher will specify in their classroom policy what is allowed and disallowed in terms of cell phone and personal device usage in the classroom.
    • Students are also subject to the acceptable use policy as described in detail in the Student Handbook.
    • Students in violation of Teacher Policy will be subject to Teacher Detention. Students who repeatedly violate Teacher Policy are subject to a referral to the Dean of Students Office that may result in School Detention, Saturday Detention or Suspension.
    • Students involved in gross misconduct with electronic devices and cell phones such as bullying and harassment, the passing on of inappropriate pictures, participating in cheating or theft using an electronic device, or any other behavior deemed a grave violation by the Dean of Students or School Administration may result in Saturday Detentions, Suspension, Behavioral Probation, or a Hearing before the Board of Discipline leaving the student liable for expulsion.
    • Any student found participating in illegal activity on cell phones or any other personal device may be reported to police and will be liable for expulsion.

    (All teachers will make their students aware of the classroom technology policy and the consequences for violating that policy in each of their classes on the first day of school. School Administration expects that each student follow the respected technology policy of each of their teachers.)
  • Dress Code

    • Students are not permitted to wear army boots, work boots, canvas shoes, and shoes designed with an external logo. Students are required to wear traditional leather dress shoes.
    • Students must wear a collared dress shirt, tie, jacket or official school sweater (during winter dress code), dress pants, belt, or suspenders, socks, and shoes.
    • No flannel, turtleneck, or wildly printed shirts, pants with external pockets, soiled or torn clothing, work boots, or sneakers are acceptable.
    • Students must be clean shaven.
  • Social Media

    • Students are personally responsible for the content they post and share on social media.
    • Parents are relied upon for regulated their son’s behavior online.
    • Any student participating in inappropriate behavior online such as bullying and harassment, the academic cheating, promoting underage drinking and drug use, criminal activity, racism or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the Dean of Students and School Administration will be liable to disciplinary action.
  • Stealing

    • “Any student who participates in the theft of money, goods, clothing, etc., or is found to be in possession of stolen property, or who aids in theft and stealing, is liable to disciplinary action, which will include a minimum three day suspension with greater sanctions that may include expulsion.”
    • Students are expected to take care of their personal possessions and have lockers locked with school locks.
  • Attendance

    • Student absence- Parent/Guardian should telephone the school between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. stating the reason for the absence. A written excuse needs to be provided to the Main Office upon the student’s return to school.
    • Tardiness- A student arriving late must have a written note or phone call stating why he is late for school that day. In the event that the excuse is transmitted by phone, a written excuse must be presented the following school day. Students with five unexcused tardy days will be required to serve detention for each additional tardy without a valid excuse.
    • Early Dismissal- Parent/Guardian should call the school and send a written excuse on the day of the dismissal. Before leaving campus, the student is to report to the Main Office to sign out. If the student is released to go to the doctor, dentist, hospital, etc, a note verifying the appointment must be submitted, in addition to the note from the parent/guardian.
    • Any student absent from school, tardy after 10:00am, or sent home by the nurse, is ineligible to participate in any extra-curricular activity for that day.
    • Any student tardy after the beginning of first period must provide a written note from his parent/guardian the next school day. (Please refer to the attached form that may be used as an excuse note. This form can also be found on the school’s WEB site in t he “ quick links” column on the left side of the screen.)
  • Academic Integrity

    • Honesty and academic integrity are important components of a young person’s moral development.
    • Any student found to be cheating or plagiarizing on a test, quiz, paper, homework or project will receive a zero for the assignment, have his parents notified by the teacher and have the incident reported to the Dean of Student’s Office.
    • At the discretion of the Dean of Students and/or the School Administration, students found cheating repeatedly or on major exams, tests, and projects, may face school disciplinary consequences that may include Saturday Detention, Suspension, and Behavioral Probation or be subject to a Disciplinary Board Hearing making the student liable to expulsion
  • Drugs and Alcohol

    • St. Francis High School takes a strong stance against the use or possession of drugs, drug-related paraphernalia and alcohol.
    • The abuse of stimulants, inhalants, or other substances, legal or illegal, for psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects is likewise prohibited.
    • If a student chooses to violate the drug and alcohol policies of the school, he is liable to expulsion.
  • Library

    • Students who desire to use the library during lunch periods are required to register with the librarian by the beginning of 3rd period. Students must then remain in the library until the conclusion of the lunch period.
    • Arrangements for library passes for varsity athletes to study and do homework during Physical Education periods must be made on a daily basis prior to first period. Library use for varsity athletes is a privilege at the discretion of the librarian.
    • All students must sign in and out of the library.
  • Disciplinary Action

    Detention Policy
    • In general, school detention is assigned by the Dean of Students for violations of school rules, infractions of the disciplinary code, and unacceptable behavior.
    • Students are expected to serve school detention on the day following the offense in the designated school detention room. If a detention postponement is granted, the student should expect an additional hour for not serving the detention on the designated day. If a student skips school detention he will automatically receive an additional two hours to serve.
    • An individual teacher may issue a teacher detention for a classroom misconduct or violation. The student should expect to serve this detention on the day following the infraction with teacher who assigned the detention.
    • Proper behavior is expected of all students. Disruptions in the classroom will not be tolerated. Repeated misconduct will result in a behavioral referral.
    • All behavioral referrals will be served on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Any skipped Saturday Detention is liable to suspension.
    • Students with excessive detentions will be placed on Disciplinary Probation to be monitored by the Dean of Students and the Disciplinary Board.

    • The Administration or Board of Discipline may suspend a student for serious violations of school discipline. This suspension may be in-house or off-campus for the number of regular school days determined by them.
    • Any student on suspension will have all assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects that are due on days suspended considered late and marked down 20% without exception.
    • Students on suspension may also be required to serve Saturday detentions, perform public service and complete a written assignment.
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