Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal – Dr. Mary Lou Stahl

MS Curriculum & Instruction
MS Educational Leadership
PhD Educational Leadership & Policy

Elementary and High School English teacher 15 years- public and private schools
Principal Immaculata Academy 3 years
Assistant Principal St. Francis High School 7/2011- present

List of 4 news stories.

  • Assistant Principal News September/October 2020

    September 2020
    Dear St. Francis family,
    Henry James once said that the two most beautiful words in the English language are summer afternoon. I hope that even amidst this “new normal,” that you have found some of those beautiful summer afternoons to breathe…and to be with the ones you love, doing the things that you love.
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  • March/April 2020

    Dear St. Francis family,
    I was going through a difficult time last year when my mom mentioned the word restoration to me. I said, “Oh sure. God can help me today and help me move forward but He can’t change what has happened in the past.” She did not agree and said God can heal and change things in an instant, including the past, and she wrote me this prayer:
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  • "Ya Gotta Dance!"

    A few years ago, my dad Chuck Cookson passed away on Valentine’s Day, a month before his birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. Although he was from a different generation, I believe that the qualities that have brought you and your sons to St. Francis are similar. I also realized I don’t have to include everything that sums up his life, but just a few things that might mean something. My dad had many sayings that we called Chuckisms. They were more than sayings because they were principles he lived his life by. He was a hard worker, strong, positive and kind, put his family first, had strong faith in God and was authentic, full of fun and joy.
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  • November/December 2019

    Dear St. Francis family,
    On Saturday, November 23rd, we will hold our annual Admissions and Scholarship examination for incoming freshmen at St. Francis High School, which we are currently running review classes for on Saturdays. I remember several years back when I had the opportunity to proctor this exam. The boys and their parents entered the building both excited and nervous, trying to figure out which way to go and what to expect. Parents lingered with anticipation and emotion. One mom shared with me that she had asked her son why he was so nervous, and he said, “This is my future at stake mom,” and she said to me proudly, “Who talks like that?”
    And I thought….
    boys who attend St. Francis talk like that…
    boys who become true Christian gentlemen at St. Francis….
    boys who become men.
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