Parents Guild

The Parents’ Guild is composed of parents that assist the President, Principal, Friars, and Faculty in helping our sons become well rounded Christian gentlemen. In order to help achieve this goal in the classroom the Guild provides some of the opportunities for communication between the parents and faculty.

2022-2023 Parents Guild

Parents Guild

The Guild sponsors the Mini-Classes program in September. During this evening you will be able to meet all of your son’s teachers in short (seven minutes each) class sessions. During these sessions you will learn the content, policies, procedures and expectations that accompany each course that your son will be taking.

The Guild also sponsors four Parent/Teacher Conferences during the course of the year. These meetings occur about one week after the Interim Academic Reports have been distributed by the teachers. These reports are given to students to take home who are not performing as well as they could be but can also be given to note improvement by a student. The Parent/Teacher evenings begin with a brief business meeting (about half an hour) in Alumni Hall Theatre. Once the meeting concludes teachers are available for individual private conferences regarding your son’s progress in that course. Parents and faculty alike are asked to keep each conference to three minutes.

Three times a year, the Office For Institutional Advancement publishes The Tau. This publication is distributed to all parents, alumni, and friends of St. Francis. It contains news that would be of interest to the various constituencies of the school.
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