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    • The St. Francis Experience

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We hope that provided a little glimpse into what is possible at St. Francis High School.

At St. Francis we offer you a promise that we will do everything possible to provide your son a unique and first-class environment to maximize his full potential.

Academically, your son will be extremely well-prepared for college.

Athletically, your son will work with some of the best coaches in the country—competing in top leagues while learning what it takes to become a collegiate athlete.

From a future career standpoint, we are proud to say that students have come out of our system and gone on to become CEOS of large companies.

We've had graduates go on to become National Football League General Managers.

Students from St. Francis have become successful artists, doctors, lawyers -- and some have launched their own businesses.

Young men coming out of our program have reached incredible levels of success in their careers with the guidance and education St. Francis High School has provided them.

But we are also about even more than just career goals.

We are about manners.
We are about values.
We are about shaking hands and saying please and thank you.

St. Francis at our core is about guiding boys into becoming the most amazing young men.

Young men that are setup to be successful with the rest of their lives!

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We understand everyone has different circumstances.

If you're concerned about attendance at St. Francis being possible for your son, please know that there are more grants and financial aid opportunities available than ever before.

We can help.

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We will do everything we can to help make it possible for your son to attend St. Francis High School.

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