Franciscan Philosophy

St. Francis High School is a Roman Catholic college-preparatory school founded and administered by the Franciscan Friars Conventual of the Province of Our Lady of the Angels.  It is staffed by religious and lay men and women.  The school’s philosophy of education rests in the rich tradition of the Conventual Franciscans, developed since the 13th century, which understands education in terms of an individual’s relationship with God, with other persons, and with the world community. Each young man at St. Francis High School is therefore encouraged to seek knowledge of his God, his own personal identity, and his place in the world.

Of primary importance to the Franciscan tradition is the belief in God as the Universal Father of all people, Whose love embraces the individual and is made manifest in the Incarnation.  This emphasis on love is rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which was the central rule of life for St. Francis of Assisi.

The acquisition of knowledge is only one aspect of Franciscan education.  Knowledge of the truth, right reasoning, and good judgement are also essential elements which allow a person to live and love more fully.  These qualities are emphasized so as to encourage the student to embrace a realistic preparation for life.

Self-discipline is the foundation of an individual’s total development, and enables the student to achieve his goals by fostering authentic humility and promoting greater respect for others.  The St. Francis student is taught to live within the bounds of society and take responsibility for his actions.

Since Franciscan education takes a holistic approach toward the development of the individual, the student is encouraged to become a more active Christian within society.  Therefore, religion, academics, fine arts, athletics, and numerous social activities are all important facets of a St. Francis education.
The ultimate goal of a St. Francis education is the transformation of the student into a true Christian gentleman, who strives to appreciate his God-given talents and gifts, and who develops them to foster a healthy, loving relationship with his God and his neighbor.
Success Begins at St. Francis