The SFHS Family

St. Francis High School is much more than just a school.  While many speak about being a family, these values are lived out in the relationships that exist at St. Francis.  Our dedicated friars, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, alumni parents, and school administration strive to create an atmosphere that makes students feel comfortable while conferring the benefits of an outstanding holistic education.
A student's relationship with his teachers will be important during his four years at St. Francis.  Out of a true desire to do their best for each student, the faculty guides, inspires, corrects, challenges and regularly sacrifices for their students.
At St. Francis High School our family will always be a part of your family.  This is evidenced by the lifelong friendships that students develop with each other.  Likewise, by parents who stay involved through the Alumni Parents' Association well past their son’s graduation.  Also, by students who return often after graduation to visit their teachers.  And by a friar who is asked to witness a marriage, baptize an alum’s child, or bury a loved one.  Indeed, St. Francis High School is much more than just a school.
Success Begins at St. Francis